Corporate Updates – 08-08-2016


NCLT has issued Order to prescribed Rs. 200/- per inspection as the fee for inspection for the records as provided under Rule 114 of the NCLT Rules,2016. The said Rule provides that parties to any case or their authorised representatives may be allowed to inspect the record of the case by making an application in writing to the Registrar and by paying the fee as hereinabove mentioned.


SEBI clarified that in case an eligible seller does not receive the tender/offer form, he can participate in the delisting by providing the application in writing on plain paper, signed by the eligible seller, stating his name and address, number of equity shares held as on the record date, client ID number, DP name/ID, beneficiary account number and number of equity shares tendered for the delisting offer, by introducing the issue in the FAQs on SEBI (Delisiting Of Equity Shares) Regulations, 2009 on 5th August,2016. Further, it has also been clarified that an eligible seller can tender its Equity Shares for delisting in the tender offer method through their respective stock broker by indicating the details of equity shares to be tendered under the delisting offer, during the normal trading hours of secondary market and in case the Equity Shares are held in physical form, Eligible sellers shall approach their respective stock broker along with the complete set of documents, as stated in public announcement / letter of offer, for verification procedures. For full particulars of laws governing the delisting of equity shares, please refer to actual text of the Acts/Regulations/Circulars appearing under the Legal Framework Section on the SEBI website.

News from NIRC of ICSI

NIRC of ICSI has decided to start fortnightly "PCS HELPLINE" to provide guidance / counseling in respect of problems and difficulties being faced by our members. In this series, NIRC is organizing "PCS HELPLINE” programme on 10th August, 2016, to resolve the queries over telephone regarding Technical / Procedural / Interpretation issues relating to the topic “Technical Issues Relating To E-Filing” by CS S Bhasker, Principal Consultant, MCA21 Project of MCA, Infosys LTD, will be available to answer the queries telephonically, on 10th August, 2016 from 4.00 PM to 5.30 PM at 011-4934 3001.

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