Corporate Updates – 11-01-2016


SEBI has issued Frequently Asked Questions on Listing Regulations, 2015 touching upon the aspects which had ambiguities over the itemized regulations . FAQ’s are based on queries/ comments received from market participants, and have been prepared to provide guidance on the provisions of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 and circulars issued there under. An attempt has been made to clarify the most prominent issues like certification of Compliance Certificate in the absence of CEO/CFO, effective date of posting of disclosures on listed entity’s website and submission of audited financial results for the last quarter have been clarified by the regulator.

Labour Laws – EPF:

The EPFO has issued EPF Circular removing the grace period of 5 days for depositing PF and hence Feb., 2016 onwards the due date shall be 15th instead of 20th. The grace period of five days have been allowed for the employers to remit the contributions as the system of calculation of wages of the employees and their corresponding dues were done manually and its remittances in the bank required additional time in the earlier manual setup. In the present era, employers compute the wages and EPF liabilities electronically (in most of the cases on real time basis) and file Electronic Challan-cum-Return (ECR). The remittances are also being deposited through Internet Banking. This has reduced the process and time taken in calculation of PF dues and its remittances in the bank. Accordingly, it has been decided that concession of grace period of 5 days available to the employers for depositing the contribution & other dues is withdrawn herewith.

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