Corporate Restructuring, Mergers & Amalgamation

  • Handling of all legal procedures & formalities (including advisory) in respect of Mergers, Amalgamations, Acquisitions, Demergers, Reconstruction, Restructuring etc., drafting of Schemes of Amalgamation / Arrangement, handling court process and departmental approvals for Mergers / Acquisitions, handling public offer for Acquisition / Takeover, share purchase transactions / deals, takeover of listed / unlisted companies pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956, SEBI Takeover Code etc.
  • Advising of pre-merger compromise proposals, determination of exchange ratio, capital issue.
  • Assistance in Convening, conducting & holding of General Meeting & the meeting of the Creditors as required under Section 391 & 394.
  • Handling matters pertaining to winding up of companies, closure of defunct companies.

Some of the major restructuring done by RMG

  1. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd with Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd. 
  2. Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd with First Blue Home Finance Ltd. 
  3. GE Money Financial Services Private Limited with Maruti Countrywide Auto Financial Services Private Limited. 
  4. Wireless Business Services Private Limited with Wireless Private & Confidential RMG 11 – A Firm’s Presentation Broadband Business Services (Delhi) Private Limited, Wireless Broadband Business Services (Kerala) Private Limited and Wireless Broadband Business Services (Haryana) Private Limited. 
  5. Nucleaus Data Recovery.Com Private Limited with Chilly Softech Private Limited. 
  6. Powertech Engineering Private Limited with Mantech Synergies Private Limited and S.S. Power Consultancy Private Limited.