Corporate Updates – 01-02-2016


MCA has notified the New version of eForm INC-23 (Application to Regional Director for approval to shift the Registered Office from one state to another state or from jurisdiction of one Registrar to another Registrar within the same State) and MGT-14 (Filing of Resolutions and agreements to the Registrar) w.e.f 30th January, 2016 and the same are available on MCA21 Portal. Only new version of the eForm will be acceptable. Stakeholders are requested to plan accordingly and ensure that you have downloaded the latest version for filing and uploading the latest version only. Form- wise date of last version change is available at on the website of MCA.


CBDT has prescribed two additional modes for Electronic Verification CODE (EVC) for electronically filed Income Tax Return in addition to EVC prescribed vide earlier Notification No. 2/2015 dated 13th July 2015. The new modes are relating to the account details of Bank Account and Demat Account with CDSL/ NSDL at the time of uploading of return and generating EVC (Electronic Verification Code). These facility to pre-validate Bank account details or Demant account details will be provided to the assessee under Profile Settings menu in e-Filing website. The additional mode of EVC generation will come into effect from the date of issue of this notification . All other condition shall remain same as specified and the mode and process for generation and validation of EVC and its use can be modified, deleted or added by the Principal DGIT (System)/ DGIT (System).

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