Corporate Updates – 01-10-2014


SEBI has granted Recognition to MCX-SX Clearing Corporation Limited (MCX-SXCCL) for a period of one year commencing on the 3rd day of October, 2014 and ending on the 2nd day of October, 2015. Further MCX-SXCCL shall comply with the shareholding requirements of SCR (SECC) Regulations, 2012. MCX-SXCCL shall submit an action plan for achieving Networth requirements of INR 100 crore within nine months from the date of grant of recognition. MCX-SXCCL shall also appoint Managing Director and Compliance Officer and to take immediate steps to rectify the deficiencies pointed out in the systems audit.


CBDT has issued instructions to all the Commissioners of Income Tax, stating the scope of enquiry for Scrutiny Cases selected on the basis of AIR/TDS Mismatch. The cases selected for scrutiny during the Financial Year 2014-2015 under CASS, on the basis of either AIR data or CIB information or for non re-conciliation with 26AS data the scope of enquiry should be limited to verification of these particular aspects only. Therefore, in such cases, an Assessing Officer shall confine the questionnaire and subsequent enquiry or verification only to the specific point(s) on the basis of which the particular return has been selected for scrutiny.


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