Corporate Updates – 02-09-2015


DVAT Authorities with an intention to update the profile of dealers has made it mandatory for all registered dealers to inform the Commissioner about any change effected in the registration particulars in Form DP-1. The authorities have initially announced the last date as 31-03-2015 which was extended till 30-06-2015 and then to 31-08-2015. The DVAT Authorities have again extended the last date for submission of Form DP – 1online to 30/09/2015 and rest of the provisions will remain the same.


RBI has recently announced Bank Holiday’s on Second & Fourth Saturdays from September 1, 2015, RBI has now decided to offer its Support Services to Banks on Working Saturdays. Accordingly, RTGS will not be operated on second and fourth Saturdays but would operate for full day on working Saturdays. Processing of future value dated transactions with value date falling on second and fourth Saturdays will not be undertaken under RTGS. The RTGS time window with effect from September 1, 2015 will be open on all Regular days including Saturdays, except Second and Fourth Saturdays of the Month from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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