Corporate Updates 02 June 2014


Version of the following forms has changed effective today w.e.f 2nd June 2014 in view of addition of Telangana State. All stakeholders are kindly requested to plan accordingly :
Forms under Companies Act 2013: CHG-1; CHG-4; CHG-6; CHG-9; DIR-3; DIR-6; DIR-12; FC-1; FC-2; FC-3; FC-4; GLN-1; GNL-3; SH-7; INC-1; INC-2; INC-3; INC-4; INC-6; INC-7; INC-21; INC-22; INC-23; INC-28; MR-2; MGT-6; MGT-14; RD-2; ADJ;
Forms under Companies Act 1956: Form 20B; Form 21A; Form 22; Form 23C; Form 23D.
LLP Forms: Form 1LLP; Form 8LLP; Form 12LLP; Form 14LLP; Form 15LLP; Form 25LLP; Form 27LLP; Form 29LLP.
Other Forms: Bank ACC; Refund; Investor Complaint Form.


The Provident Fund Office has allowed companies to cap their per-month Provident Fund contribution to employees at Rs. 6,500. At present, companies contribute an amount equal to at least 12 per cent of an employee’s basic salary towards his / her PF. Now When an employer is deducting and depositing Employees’ Provident Fund contributions upon more than the prescribed salary, he can reduce it to Rs. 6,500 per month and in that event, section 12 of the Employees’ Provident Funds & Mis­cellaneous Provisions Act providing bar for not to reduce wages will not be attracted. However, option is available for the employees to contribute beyond the statutory wage ceiling if they so desire subject to the conditions enumerated under para 26(6) of the Employees’ Provident Funds Scheme, 1952.

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