Corporate Updates – 06-11-2014


MCA has advised all stakeholders to file all necessary Annual Filing documents (Form 66, Form 23AC, Form 23ACA) at the earliest as filings under the Company Law Settlement Scheme, 2014 ending on 15.11.2014 and annual filings during November, 2014. Those who have not filed, are requested to file / upload your documents at the earliest to avoid last minute rush, late fee and prosecution. Further, during this period the corporate seva kendra / help desks (ph. No. 0124-4832500) would give priority to e-filing/ answering queries of companies for filing annual return.


RBI has issued instruction to the all the Banks to take preventive measures to avoid Cheque related fraud cases by observing due diligence been observed at the time of handling and/or processing the cheques and monitoring newly opened accounts. Banks are, therefore, advised to review and strengthen the controls in the cheque presenting/passing and account monitoring processes and to ensure that all procedural guidelines including preventive measures are followed meticulously by the dealing staff/officials. Banks are further advised to take appropriate precautionary measures to ensure that the confidential information viz., customer name / account number / signature, cheque serial numbers and other related information are neither compromised nor misused either from the bank or from the vendors’ (printers, couriers etc.) side.


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