Corporate Updates 06 June 2014


1. State Code in the CIN of the Companies which are located in Telangana based on the address available in the database has been changed from “AP” to “TG”. Complete list of such companies is made available on the website of MCA. All Stake holders are requested to use the words TG in place of AP for all such companies in all forms and correspondence with any of the department under MCA. To view & download, the list of all such companies, please Click Here.

2. Version of the Forms Bank ACC, CHG-4, FC-4, INC-1, INC-2, INC-21, INC-23, INC-28, DIR-6, INC-7, RD-1, MGT-14, MR-1, MSC-1, MSC-3, MSC-4, MR-2, SH-7, PAS-3, SH-11 is likely to be changed w.e.f today i.e 6th June 2014. Only new version of these eForms will be acceptable, stakeholders are requested to plan accordingly and ensure that you have downloaded the latest version for filing and uploading the latest version only. Form-wise date of last version change is available at on the website of MCA, to view & download, the list of all such Forms, please Click Here.

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