Corporate Updates – 08-01-2015


CBDT plans to celebrate ‘Good Governance day’ on every Wednesday by holding it as ‘public meeting day’. CBDT has issued Office Memorandum in this regard to all field offices of the Income-Tax department to observe ‘Public Meeting Day’ from10.00 AM to 1.00 PM on every Wednesday with effect from January 7, 2015 to address the grievances of the public. Further, the CBDT has decided that a suitable feedback mechanism shall also be put in place to record the number of grievances attended to and solved on every ‘public meeting day’, and to identify the deficiencies to avoid delays in redressal of grievances of the general public.


RBI has decided to extend the date for exchanging the pre-2005 banknotes to June 30, 2015 from January 01, 2015. All Banks are advised to facilitate the exchange of such notes for full value without causing any inconvenience to the public, whatsoever. These notes will retain their legal tender status and the public can continue to use these for any transaction/ payment. Further such notes are not dispensed through the ATMs/ over your counters. The methodology to be followed for dealing with the Pre-2005 series banknotes contained in the earlier circular will remains unchanged.


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