Corporate Updates 08 April 2014


RBI has clarified that while arriving at the Net Owned Fund (NOF) figure, investment made by an NBFC in entities of the same group concerns shall be treated alike, whether the investment is made directly or through an AIF / VCF, and when the funds in the VCF have come from the NBFC to the extent of 50% or more; or where the beneficial owner, in the case of Trusts is the NBFC, if 50% of the funds in the Trusts are from the concerned NBFC. All NBFCs are also advised to keep this principle in mind, always, while calculating their NOF. For this purpose, “beneficial ownership” would mean holding the power to make or influence decisions in the Trust and being the recipient of benefits arising out of the activities of the Trust. Click Notification to view and download the same.

Income Tax: 

CBDT has issued a Clarification w.r.t Interpretation of Provisions of Section 10(2A) of the Income tax Act, 1961 that the income of a firm is to be taxed in the hands of the firm only and the same can under no circumstances be taxed in the hands of its partners. Accordingly, the entire profit credited to the partners accounts in the firm would be exempt from tax in the hands of such partners, even if the income chargeable to tax becomes NIL in the hands of the firm on account of any exemption or deduction as per the provisions of the Act.

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