Corporate Updates 08 May 2014


1. MCA has issued Circular to invite attention towards the requirement of authentication of documents and has instructed Registrar of Companies / Regional Director to initiate quick inquiry against the PROFESSIONALS who has certified the form and signatory thereof including an officer in default who appears prima facie responsible for submitting false or misleading or incorrect information pursuant to requirement of above said Rules by giving 15 days notice to concerned professional & officer in default. All such cases will also be referred to the concerned Institute for conducting disciplinary proceedings against the member as well as debar the concerned professional from filing any document on the MCA portal in future.

2. Version of Forms INC-22, SH-7, MR-1, PAS-3, INC-7, DIR-12 has been updated on 6th May 2014 and Version of INC-1, CHG-1, GNL-1, INC-28, GNL-2, MSC-4, DIR-3, DIR-6, URC-1, DIR-12 has been updated on 07-05-2014. Please ensure that you have downloaded the latest version and uploading the new version of the forms only. Further in case there is any issue faced by stakeholders in filling up or filing any of e-forms, they are requested to raise ticket with MCA helpdesk by using link

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