Corporate Updates – 10-11-2014


MCA has set up an internal committee to review e-Forms as well as the overall filing process, as part of efforts to simplify procedures for stakeholders under the new company law. As, the Ministry is responsible for implementation of Companies Act and all entities registered under this law have to make their filings to the Ministry through MCA21 portal. An internal committee, which has been recently set up, would look at simplifying the e-Forms, their filing process and requirement of attachments under the Companies Act, 2013. The committee will suggest changes required for simplification and removal of difficulties faced by stakeholders in filing e-Forms.


CBDT has issued instructions to its field offices across India and emphasis has been laid on cleanliness in office, punctuality, timeliness in appointment and avoiding unnecessary adjournments. Supervisory officers, have been directed to play a more pro-active role in monitoring and guiding assessments towards ensuring that high-pitched assessments without proper basis are not made and that lengthy questionnaires or summons without due application of mind are avoided. They have been directed to ensure Inspections and Reviews in accordance with guidelines issued to enable capacity building within the Department and accountability of the officers. Refunds are to be granted in accordance with instructions already issued which provide for grant of credit of TDS on the basis of evidence submitted by the assessee.


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