Corporate Updates – 13-01-2015


To get hold of the persons having multiple DIN’s, MCA has authorised, the following officers namely 1. Dr. Raj Singh, Joint Director, 2. Shri A.M,Singh, Joint Director, 3. Ms. P. Sheela, Joint Director, 4. Shri R.K.Tiwari, Joint Director & 5. Shri Ch. Jaganadh Reddy, Assistant Director in the office of Regional Director (Northern Region) at Noida for the purposes of filing complaint under Section 159 of the Companies Act, 2013 in respect of offences under Section 155 of the said Act. The provisions of Section 155 deals with prohibition to obtain or possess more than one DIN by any person and punishment for contravention are provided under Section 159 of the Act.


CBEC has notified the rules for Mandatory pre-deposit of duty or penalty for filing appeals effective 06-08-2014, further in order to maintain uniformity in the database being maintained, has suggested some additional columns in a separate register (e-register preferably) in the Review Cell of each Commissionerate. It has been further clarified that the amended provisions regarding filing of appeal along with stipulated percentage of pre-deposit shall apply to all appeals filed on or after 6th August, 2014 and mandatory pre-deposit would also be payable in cases of demand of drawback as the new section 129E would apply to such cases.


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