Corporate Updates – 15-09-2014


Versions of Form DIR – 11, DIR – 12, MGT – 14 & Refund Form are modified w.e.f 13th September, 2014. Only new version of the eForms will be acceptable. Stakeholders are requested to plan accordingly and ensure that you have downloaded the latest version for filing and uploading the latest version only. Form-wise date of last version change is available at on the website of MCA, to view & download, the list of all such Forms, Click Here.


RBI has clarified that dividend on shares is credited to Savings Bank accounts as per the mandate of the customer, the same should be treated as a customer induced transaction. As such, the account should be treated as operative account as long as the dividend is credited to the Savings Bank account. The Savings Bank account can be treated as inoperative account only after two years from the date of the last credit entry of the dividend, provided there is no other customer induced transaction. Further, for the purpose of classifying an account as inoperative, both the types of transactions i.e. debit as well as credit transactions induced at the instance of customers as well as third party should be considered.

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