Corporate Updates 15 May 2014


Version of Forms INC-1, INC-2, INC-7, INC-21, INC-28, CHG-1, CHG-4, DIR-6, DIR-11, FC-1, FC – 2, MSC – 1, MSC – 3 SH-11, MR-1 & MR-2 has been updated on 13-14th May,2014. Please ensure that you have downloaded the latest version and uploading the new version of the forms only.

Further after the Judgment of Bombay High Court, MCA has uploaded the e-version of the Official Gazette publication of some of the rules as notified in the month of March, 2014. To view and download and rules, please Click Here.


RBI has further examined the issue relating to repayment of domestic loans through ECBs it has been decided that eligible Indian companies will not be permitted to raise ECB from overseas branches / subsidiaries of Indian banks for the purpose of refinance / repayment of the Rupee loans raised from the domestic banking system in respect of the Scheme of take-out financing, Repayment of existing Rupee loans for companies in infrastructure sector, Spectrum allocation, Repayment of Rupee loans. The changes to the ECB policy will come into force with immediate effect. All other aspects of the ECB policy shall remain unchanged. To view and download and rules, please Click Here.

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