Corporate Updates – 21-07-2017


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has notified the new versions of e-Forms. The new version of e-Forms AOC-4 (Form for filing financial statement and other documents with the Registrar), Form CRA-2 (Form of intimation of appointment of cost auditor by the company to Central Government) and Form 21A (Particulars of Annual Return for the Company not having share capital) are available w.e.f. 21st July, 2017. Only new version of e-form will be acceptable and Stakeholders are requested to plan accordingly.


SEBI has issued a Circular on Investments by FPIs in Corporate Debt. Earlier, SEBI has redefined the Corporate debt limit of INR 2,44,323 Cr for FPIs as the Combined Corporate Debt Limit (CCDL) for all foreign investments in Rupee denominated bonds issued both onshore and overseas by Indian corporates. The CCDL shall be available on tap for investment by foreign investors till the overall investment reaches 95%, after which, the auction mechanism shall be initiated for allocation of the remaining limits. The Circular also provides for the procedure to be followed in case the overall FPI investment in CCDL exceeds 95%.

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