Corporate Updates – 24-01-2017


SEBI has reviewed the market data feed mechanism of the stock exchanges in consultation with its Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and based on the recommendations, it has been decided that stock exchanges shall formulate a comprehensive policy document for providing stock market related data to the market participants in a fair and transparent manner, irrespective of the type of mechanism used by the stock exchanges for broadcasting of data. SEBI has also directed the stock exchanges to synchronize their system clocks with the atomic clock before the start of market.


Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) in supersession of earlier notifications, has granted Transport Allowance at double the normal rates to deaf and dumb employees of Central Government. Further, it has been decided that Transport Allowance at double the normal rates is also admissible to Hearing Impaired employees. The admissibility at double rates is subject to the recommendation of ENT, Head of Department of Government Hospital. These orders will be retrospectively effective from 19-02-2014.

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