Corporate Updates – 24-12-2014

Delhi Revenue Department:

The Delhi Government has authorised Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL) to implement the e-Registration project in NCT of Delhi and to electronically generate the registration fees n behalf of the Government of the NCT of Delhi under the Registration Act, 1908. For generation of e-registration fee challan, SHCIL will take service charges from the general public from Rs. 15/- to Rs. 30/- depending upon the registration fees. Further the manual system of collection of fees shall remain in force for first three months before making it mandatory for all stakeholders.


RBI has modified the definition of a Non-Cooperative Borrower as : “A non-cooperative borrower is one who does not engage constructively with his lender by defaulting in timely repayment of dues while having ability to pay, thwarting lenders’ efforts for recovery of their dues by not providing necessary information sought, denying access to assets financed / collateral securities, obstructing sale of securities, etc. In effect, a non-cooperative borrower is a defaulter who deliberately stone walls legitimate efforts of the lenders to recover their dues”. In this regard banks / FIs are advised to take measures in classifying / declassifying a borrower as non-cooperative borrower and reporting information on such borrowers to Central Repository of Information on Large Credits (CRILC).

Election to the Central Council of ICSI from NIRC

The following candidates have been declared elected to the council from the Northern India Regional Constituency after the counting of votes on 23rd December, 2014 :

1. CS Ranjeet Pandey

2. CS Vineet K Chaudhary

3. CS Shyam Agrawal

4. CS Satwinder Singh

5. CS Rajiv Bajaj


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