Corporate Updates – 25-01-2016


SEBI with an endeavour to make the public issue process more efficient and robust has issued Clarification Circular on Streamlining the Process of Public Issue of Equity Shares and Convertibles. The Stock exchange(s) may validate the electronic bid details with depository’s records for DP ID, Client ID and PAN, at periodic intervals throughout the bidding day during the bidding period and bring the inconsistencies to the notice of intermediaries concerned, for rectification and re-submission within the time specified by stock exchange. Syndicate members, registered brokers of stock exchanges, depository participants (DPs) and registrars to an issue and share transfer agents (RTAs) registered with SEBI, may also forward the physical application forms received by them on day-to-day basis during the bidding period to designated branches of the respective self certified syndicate banks (SCSBs) for blocking of funds. Such applications should be with value not more than 2 lakh. Further, the instruction for publication of basis of allotment may be given by T+5 day so that basis of allotment is published in all the newspapers, where issue opening/closing advertisements have appeared earlier, on T+6 before the commencement of trading.


RBI has made amendments to its Master Direction on Gold Monetization Scheme to make it more customer-friendly. The depositors will be able to withdraw medium term and long term government deposits pre-maturely after the minimum lock-in period of three years in the case of medium term deposits and after five years in the case of long term deposits. However, there will be penalty in the form of lower rate of interest for premature withdrawals depending upon the actual period for which the deposit has run. In the case of large tenders of gold, gold can be deposited directly with refiners wherever they have the assaying capacity. This will reduce the time lag between the time the raw gold is deposited and it starts bearing interest. It is also clarified that Government will pay the participating banks a total commission of 2.5% (1.5% handling charges and 1% commission) in the first year.

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