Corporate Updates – 30-11-2015


In the Judicial order passed by Chief Justice Shri M. M. Kumar, Hon’ble Chairman, CLB, Shri Dhan Raj, Member (T), Company Law Board, Kolkata Bench has been directed to hold court at Chennai from 14.12.2015 and shall conclude the matters relating to M/s Mencherial Cement Corporation Pvt. Ltd. and shall ensure compliance of the directions issued by Hon’ble, Andhra Pradesh High Court shall make an Endeavour to dispose off all such matters within a period of 90 days. During this period, he shall also hear other judicial matters. Further, Shri Kanthi Nalahari, Member (J), Company Law Board, Chennai Bench is temporally transferred from Chennai Bench to Kolkata Bench for a period of 90 days w.e.f 14-12-2015 to 12-03-2016.


SEBI in order to enable investors to make well-informed investment decisions, timely, adequate and accurate disclosure of financial results on a periodical basis, has issued a Format for financial results for listed entities which have listed their debt securities and/or non-cumulative redeemable preference shares. Different formats have been prescribed for half yearly financial results for Companies, Banks & Non-Banking Financial Companies. Further, the limited review report shall also be presented in the prescribed format for companies other than banks and NBFCs. Regulation 52(3)(a) prescribes that the listed entity shall submit audit financial results along with and either Form A (for audit report with unmodified opinion) or Form B (for audit report with modified opinion). This circular shall come into force on December 01, 2015.

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