Corporate Updates 30 April 2014


Centralized Processing Cell (TDS) has observed from its records that C9 Corrections for Quarterly TDS Statements have repeatedly been submitted during Financial Year 2013-14. Please note that CPC (TDS) does not encourage frequent submission of C9 corrections. C9 Corrections are known as Revision of TDS Statement by way of Adding a new Challan and underlying deductees or the TDS data has not been reported correctly by way of omission of deductees, at the time of filing Original statements. It is very important to report correct and valid particulars of the deductor, PAN of the deductees in the TDS statement and Addition of new deductee rows and thereby, challans is not encouraged by CPC (TDS), except for inadvertent errors.


SEBI specifies requisite infrastructure and controls for proper functioning of Foreign Portfolio Investors regime, infrastructure facilities and submission of periodic reports. it is imperative that SEBI approved Designated Depository Participants (“DDPs”) should have adequate infrastructure facilities and appropriate systems and controls in place. Every DDP shall submit periodic reports in the Annexure A to SEBI and such other reports as may be required by SEBI on the Segregation of activities, Infrastructure, Manual, Monitoring of systems and controls of FPI’s. To download & view Notification, please click here.

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