Corporate Updates – 31-08-2016


NCLT has issued an order under the provisions of the Rule 89 of NCLT Rules, 2016 has approved the format of daily cause list. The new format of the cause list shall have all the mandatory details as provided in the Rule 89 like CP/CA NO. Purpose, Section under which the case has been filed, Name of the Parties, Name of the legal Practitioners and Remarks. All Benches of NCLT are required to implement the same with immediate effect.


RBI has issued a clarification with respect to cash settlement of a restructured derivative contract. Earlier, in cases where a derivative contract was restructured, the mark-to-market value of the contract on the date of restructuring was cash settled. In this context, RBI clarified that cash settlement of only the change in mark-to-market value of the restructured derivative contract is required. Further, it should be ensured that the restructuring of the derivative contract is carried out at prevalent market rates, and not on the basis of off-market rates.

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NIRC of ICSI is organizing a himanshu.sharma.

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